Q: Is Bison Printing still accepting orders?

Yes. It is vital to the well being of our employees and vendors that we remain open and operational. We are accepting orders in every way (web orders, email, phone calls, fax) except in person.

Q: How are you minimizing the spread of the coronavirus in your facility?

We are following the common sense safety guidelines from public health organizations, and working hard to ensure our facilities are taking strict preventive measures to minimize any potential spread of the virus.

Within our family of employees, we are asking anyone who feels sick to stay home. We are also asking at risk employees to stay home as well. Any employee that has been potentially exposed to another person with coronavirus or exposed to someone awaiting test results is required to stay home until it can be determined for certain they are safe to come to work.

Within our facility, all doors are propped open and all personal interactions are taking place with at least 6 feet of separation. All employees are being supplied with hand sanitizer, bleach water, disinfecting sprays, clorox wipes, and / or other items to continually clean their hands and wipe down their work areas. We are doing everything possible to minimize touching of others’ workspaces, keyboards, furniture, etc.

Q: What about my order?

Business is slow, and we have lots of excess manpower and machine capacity. Barring a widespread coronavirus infection within our ranks, we don’t anticipate any problems getting your job done.

Q: Can I pick up my order?

We would prefer our customers not come to the plant to pickup orders. We can deliver locally, or ship jobs out of the area as normal. We will not charge any more than our normal charges for shipping.

Q: Will prices increase?

No. As a result of this pandemic the demand for printing has slumped considerably. As a result, pricing should be more competitive than ever. Further, we believe it is always wrong to exploit others for personal or business benefit–especially in times of crisis. Such exploitation is the opposite of love, which disadvantages self for the sake of others. We are all in this together, and we are committed to loving our employees, customers, and vendors, not exploiting them.