Founded in 1978 by German immigrant Franz Beisser, and currently operated by his three sons Franz, Al and Chris.

Our story begins in post war Germany where President Franz Beisser (second from left) learned the Printing Trade as a young apprentice. The importance of craftsmanship and attention to detail was taught day in and day out - becoming as much a part of him as the color of his eyes. After immigrating to the United States in 1955, Franz spent the next 20 years perfecting his craft as a student, journeyman, and teacher. In 1977, he moved his family to Bedford, Virginia, built a house, and opened B & B Printing in his basement. There, he and his wife Emily quickly established a company with a reputation for excellent service and craftsmanship.

By 1980, the business had outgrown the basement and was moved to a renovated building in the City of Bedford. Over the next ten years, honesty, service, and a superior product caused the business to flourish. In 1990, Al Beisser, one of three sons, came home from college and began his career in the company. By 1995, the other two sons, Franz and Chris, were on board. With a strong united vision, the family grew the business from a local 'Mom & Pop' shop into a strong player in the Virginia commercial printing market.

Each year was marked by new and exciting growth, and by 1999, B & B Printing had either renovated or added on to the downtown facility four times and had run out of space.

In the spring of 2001, ground was broken for a sparkling new facility just outside the city limits. By October of that year, the business moved to the new location and was finally able to upgrade equipment and infrastructure. For competitive reasons, the final touch was changing the company name and corporate identity to Bison Printing, Inc.

In 2014, the company became and ESOP. Eventually, the employees will own 100% of the business, giving them a stake in the success of the business, and a greater opportunity for financial success.