committed to people and our world

We’re not here to exploit people or waste natural resources. We believe we all have a responsibility to take care of the resources we have been given.

We believe our most valuable resource is our people, so our first priority is to protect the dignity, health, and well being of our employees. We are also committed to treating our customers and vendors as we wish to be treated.

We also believe our world is a resource to be used but not abused. We recycle all our paper and metal waste, we print with vegetable based inks and use environmentally friendly solvents and chemicals, and we print on paper that is made from sustainable sources whenever we can.

In 2011 we harnessed the purest source of energy available: The SUN. With our roof-mounted 48 kilowatt photo-voltaic solar system of 208 solar panels, we generate an average of about 5000 kilowatt hours per month of pure solar energy. We are the only commercial printing company in southwest Virginia (and maybe the entire state) to use its own privately generated solar electricity for manufacturing. When installed, our system was one of the largest private commercial solar PV installations in Virginia.